GRO.publications is a component of Göttingen Research Online (GRO). Under this name, various services are set up and operated to support researchers in Göttingen. The individual services are coordinated by the eResearch Alliance (eRA).

GRO.publications combines contemporary publication data management with the advantages of an institutional document server. The service aims to bundle publications produced at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and to increase the visibility of research output. It offers researchers an optimal infrastructure and platform for presenting their scientific publications.

Full texts can be published as first release via GRO.publications. Postprints can also be made available, provided they have a free license or the secondary publication right is used. Alternatively, the data contain a link to the full text on the publisher's server.

Publication data are repeatedly compiled and recorded in different systems and for different purposes. They can be found in FACTScience, on university websites, in individual lists, on ORCID or Research Gate. GRO.publications allows researchers at the University of Göttingen to bring their data together in one place.

They can export customized publication lists as needed and embed their publications, always up-to-date, in other websites via JavaScript. Publication lists can be created not only for individuals, but also for organizational units, projects, working groups and events.

Examples of embedded publication lists

On researcher level:

On institution level:


  • Periodic data import
    GRO.publications constantly imports new publication data from various sources. During the development of GRO.publications, personal profiles were also generated automatically.
  • Upload service
    The editorial team takes care of providing the full texts and checking the legal self-archiving option of the publisher or author version. Send us your publications directly.
  • Support and workshops
    Regular workshops are offered for GRO.publications. Individual appointments for institutes and projects are also possible. We are also happy to support you with the initial entry of your publication list.

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Please contact us: