Start of the EU project CRAFT-OA

Rotunda of SUB GöttingenOn 1 January 2023, the EU project CRAFT-OA started under the leadership of the University of Göttingen / Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen) with 23 partners in 14 European countries. CRAFT-OA stands for ‘Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access’.

In Diamond Open Access, neither researchers nor readers pay fees for publication in and access to scientific publications. The aim of the project is to strengthen and improve institutional publishing in the Diamond Open Access model throughout Europe. To implement the project goals, CRAFT-OA receives for three years funding awarding a total of 4.8 million Euros from the European Commission. By offering concrete services and tools for the entire journal publishing lifecycle, the project enables local and regional platforms and service providers in this sector to expand and professionalise their content, services and platforms. This will make the work of scientists and scholars who are involved in institutional Diamond Open Access Journals easier. At the same time, a better networking of publication services with other information systems in science will improve the visibility of the players, services and scientific publications.

Based on the broad experience and expertise of the partners involved in CRAFT-OA, the project will provide technical and collaborative tools, training events, educational materials, information and services for the institutional Diamond OA publishing environment. The project will also foster communities of practice that are able to sustain the project's improvements beyond the project lifetime.

However, the project is not alone in pursuing the goal of promoting Diamond Open Access in Europe and beyond: two other EU projects, in which the University of Göttingen is also involved through SUB staff, are pursuing related results: The three-year project DIAMAS - Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication and, secondly, PALOMERA - Policy Alignment of Open Access Monographs in the European Research Area, which also started on 1 January 2023.

Further information on the CRAFT-OA project can be found on our project website and information on the DIAMAS project can also be found on our project website.

Improving Diamond Open Access across Europe (Press release No. 186, 15.12.2022)

Contact CRAFT-OA at SUB Göttingen:

Margo Bargheer (email),
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