Mongolian literature

Göttingen State and University Library houses over 18.000 Mongolian titles from and about the different Mongolian peoples, including the Kalmyk, Oirat, Dagur, Buryat, Khalka and other Mongolian ethnic groups in China and other countries.

The catalogue in Göttingen uses the established transcription system for titles in the Uiguro-mongolian script, as used in Krueger/Groenbech “An introduction to classical (literary) Mongolian”. The transcription is also known as Mostaert-Vladimirtsov.

Mongolian literature published in China is mainly in the Uiguro-mongolian script, or in the Clear Script, i. e. Todo bichig for the Oirat. Mongolian books from Mongolia and Russia are mainly in the Cyrillic script.

Facsimiles of older Mongolian titles are also published regularly and selectively acquired by Göttingen State and University Library.

Mongolian and Oirat newspapers

We do not have regular subscriptions for daily newspapers. Nevertheless, we occasionally buy older newspapers, bound per month or year from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s onward from Sinkiang and Inner Mongolia in the minority languages of that region. Similar material is bought in the Uigur, Kazakh, Kirgiz or Sibo language.

Advice for literature research

Mongolian and other literature at Göttingen State and University Library can be searched in the catalogue in various ways. You can use the special search keys in Göttingen University Catalogue (GUK) and the GBV Union Catalogue (GVK). We have compiled a general help for the search for special languages or countries.