Open Science

Open Science aims at opening up research processes and granting access to research outputs to researchers, professionals and amateur scientists. Open Science covers several aspects: open access to publications, data and code, sharing of methodologies, open peer review, and open educational resources.

Overall, this enables research integrity, the public visibility and transparency as well as the reproducibility of research findings.

Open Science at Göttingen University

Göttingen University supports Open Science through its policies and support measures for its practical implementation. In November 2016 a joint policy on Open Access to publications (PDF 1.9 MB) (in German language) was adopted by the University of Göttingen and the University Medical Center Göttingen. This policy updates the Open access resolution (PDF 248 KB) (in German language) from December 2005. Similarly, a joint research data policy has been in place since June 2014. 

Moreover there are local initiatives based at faculty-level such as the Göttingen Open Source and Science Initiative of Psychology.

Support for the practical implementation of Open Science is provided by several service units across the Göttingen Campus. In particular, the Göttingen State and University Library offers Open Access publishing services and the eResearch Alliance assists researchers in data management issues.

Open Science Meet-up

Initiated in December 2016, the Open Science Göttingen Meet-up brings together committed researchers and librarians interested in promoting Open Science principles at Campus Göttingen.

Everyone interested in Open Science is invited to join the quarterly meet-ups and the related working groups on practical aspects (e. g. "Hacky Hour", "Teaching Open Science").

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