Library statistics 2019

Summary of facts and figures

Locations8 (incl. LSG)
Courses on information and media literacy (in hours)508
Calls of E-Learning offers31,873
Courses on information and media literacy (participants in face-to-face events)5,507
Library visits2,600,145
Circulation and inter-library loans840,438
Study spaces3,083
Computer workstations402
Carrels (bookable online)185
Group study rooms (bookable online)158
Booking of study spaces28,636
Media holdings9,160,549
Catalogue search9,849,413
Licensed electronic journals and newspapers74,698
Downloads e-journals2,425,659
Downloads / Document-Access Document Server2,161,598
Usage sessions e-books1,801,871
Göttingen University Press publications
Open Access publications funded by the Publications Fund349 + 1 Membership
Funding volume of the Open Access Publication Fund (in Euro)516,944
Number of ongoing third-party funded projects or projects completed this year70
registered DOIs768
Pre-application consultation eRA31
Digitized historical holdings (pages)13,171,601
Objects lent for exhibition39
Recorded objects in the collection database (digitized)1,776
Accessible digitized pages via the GDZ viewer22,302,891
Share of external funding in overall funding13,4