Classified Catalogue: Topic-related search within SUB Göttingen historical holdings

The following classification system reflects a system according to which, beginning with the 18th century, our historical holdings published by 1945 have been classified. Essentially, this system corresponds to the arrangement of books on the shelves and to the way the titles are listed in our Classified Catalogue available on the second floor of our Historical Building. The following list enables you to visit every hierarchical level of the classification system and to view the titles recorded under the respective system location.

  • If you are looking for a particular topic, please use the following subject list of groups of shelf marks and select the location(s) at which you assume to find the titles.
  • By selecting ("+") or ("-" ) placed before the respective group of shelf marks, you will differentiate this group further or close it respectively.
  • By selecting "Show results", you will obtain a list of Göttingen University Catalogue titles comprising all the titles of the respective shelf mark group.

You will find a systematic access to our holdings from about 1993 onwards via the Göttingen Online Classification.