Document viewer TIFY

TIFY is a lightweight, JavaScript-based IIIF document viewer developed by the Göttingen State and University Library and optimised for mobile devices. It offers a fast and easy-to-use interface. TIFY can also display full texts.

IIIF stands for 'International Image Interoperability Framework' and defines various APIs that can be used to describe and distribute image files together with presentation and structure metadata, i. e. books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, scrolls, collection and archive material can be shared globally between institutions and repositories with little effort. These images and metadata can be processed and viewed with any IIIF-compliant application. Göttingen State and University Library is a member of the IIIF consortium.

TIFY is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). A Demo Installation and the source code are available on GitHub.

Examples of use:

TIFY can also be used to present works digitised with Kitodo.