Text Viewer for Digital Objects TIDO & TextAPI

In order to improve the interoperability and scalability of different projects aiming at providing texts, SUB Göttingen is developing a generic API specification (TextAPI) and an associated web application for displaying different text resources and accompanying material (TIDO), following a modular approach. The interaction of both components has been established in various projects.


TextAPI is a middleware for the provision of text data and associated metadata. It was developed based on the FRBR concept and is modeled on IIIF. Metadata and references to different text representations (serializations) can be specified via given REST endpoints. In doing so, the specification is largely agnostic to the technology used. It only prescribes the JSON-compliant output of the metadata.

In addition to TextAPI, annotations are provided for the actual texts according to a W3C specification. Thus, associated job annotations, register data, or any other data can be referenced and delivered.

TextAPI itself is organized in a modular way.


TIDO Viewer is a configurable, extensible, and easily integratable text viewer designed for viewing digital editions. TIDO is optimized for viewing resources delivered via TextAPI. TIDO provides panels to display various text representations, metadata, and images of your collection, manuscript, or object. Panels are customizable via code configuration and on the user side.

The content panel provides easy navigation through the structural elements of an object or collection.

The text panel displays the actual text object at the lowest level (usually page level). The content can be displayed in resource-specific style.

In the image panel, related image objects can be viewed with zoom and full-screen mode.

The metadata panel shows a basic set of metadata, which can be extended resource-specifically.

The panels are optional and can be shown or hidden by the user. Only the text panel and the metadata panel are mandatory.