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At the SUB Göttingen, a multidisciplinary team of developers and coordinators with expertise in various scientific fields develops software for science and works closely with partners on the Göttingen Campus.

In software development, we support scientists in all phases of their research projects. We help with applications for third-party funding, advise on the selection of suitable technologies and jointly develop digital tools for natural language processing, language models and artificial intelligence as well as the modelling, processing and visualization of research data. Our focus is on sustainability by using technologies that have been developed and proven over the long term for recurring issues. We also support experimental projects with customized solutions for special requirements.

Our services

Requirements analysis and conception

We work closely with the researchers to understand their requirements and needs. We translate these into ‘developer language’ to develop a sound concept for the software solution.

Project planning

We support researchers in the conception and application for their research projects with a technical component.

Software development

We offer customized software development services to support research projects with custom software solutions. From design and planning to implementation and deployment, we work closely with researchers to understand their requirements and deliver high-quality software products.


We advise researchers on software development, code quality, data management and analysis. Our experts are available to answer questions, share best practices and help researchers optimize their workflows.

What's important to us

Scalability and flexibility

Our software solutions are scalable and flexible to meet the changing needs of research and to keep pace with increasing data volumes and scientific progress.

Robust architecture and documentation

We attach great importance to a robust and well-documented architecture to ensure that the software can be maintained and expanded in the long term and that knowledge about the software is retained even in the event of personnel changes.

Long-term data availability and integrity

We support researchers in implementing solutions for long-term data availability and integrity to ensure that research data remains accessible and reliable over long periods of time.

How we work

Our software engineering workflow is based on agile structures. Regular communication with our partners is important to us so that we can present and discuss partial results and react quickly to changes.
Teamwork and continuous communication between the developers and project coordinators and the software project ensure good project results.

We work with modern methods and tools. The continuous quality improvement and optimization of our methods and processes ensures sustainable developments.

In an episode of the podcast ‘Code for thought’, we explain our way of working. We write about exciting topics in our blog.

We report on our experiences and exchange ideas at conferences, such as the deRSE (Research Software Engineering Conference):

Our code is available on the GitHub platform and a Gitlab-instance.

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