Locations and opening hours

Our locations are open to everyone both with or without registration for research and reading. Refugees and asylum seekers are cordially welcome.

Our locations have different opening hours.

Library card

We are happy to issue a library card for you:

  1. Participants of the guest student programme for refugees receive a student identity card from the University of Göttingen. This chip card is also the library card for the SUB Göttingen.
  2. Provided you can document residence in Germany and have a photo ID, we will issue a private library card.
  3. If you cannot document residence in Germany, please register for a guest library card, which will enable you to order books into the reading room. We regret that you will not be able to borrow books though. This card is free of charge.


The SUB Göttingen holds about 9 million printed and electronic books, journals and further media in 400 different languages, among them subject-specific literature and  textbooks as well as literary texts in original languages and translations.

Please feel free to search our holdings in GöDiscovery or the Göttingen University Catalogue.

Also, our website offers information about different subjects.