Overview of catalogues and databases

Finding literature in Göttingen and beyond

The following overview leads to important cross-disciplinary catalogues and databases and highlights what you will find in them:

Use our help guide for literature search in the Göttingen University Catalogue (GUK) and other Göttingen catalogues. We also recommend checking the information about on and off-campus access to electronic resources.

On our subject-specific information pages, you will find further information about bibliographies, repositories, databases, and other search platforms used in your subject.

Specialised collections in German libraries

Many German libraries have specialised collection areas that were maintained as so-called ‘special subject collections’ (SSG) until 2012. Between 2013 and 2015 they were converted into a new form, the ‘specialised information services’ (FID). On the website Webis, you will find information about the distribution of the main collections across German libraries and details about the transition to the specialised information services. For research and access to the literature you require, it may be helpful to know which library holds particularly extensive collections of works in your subject.