Multimedia production

Göttingen State and University Library offers a variety of multimedia and eLearning services to the entire university. A small team with a professional background in video and audio production supports students and the facilities of the university with multimedia productions, as well as any courses which make use of this technology.


The services in the area of production are aimed solely at students and facilities at Göttingen University, and are explained in detail on password-protected information pages in the learning management system Stud.IP. Interested individuals can register themselves for the presentation event "Audio and Video Services", and will then have access to detailed documentation on the services offered (including contact addresses and service times), as well as a discussion forum.

Direct link (for registered Stud.IP users only):
Information pages about audio and video services in Stud.IP.


Media provisioning takes place over various distribution channels depending on the content and target group, e.g.: