Carrels & book trolleys

Central Library

Use our carrels on the first floor for your work.
Please note that these carrels are not soundproof and only suitable for quiet individual work.
You have also lockable book trolleys at your disposal. Please apply for them via the web form on this page. 

Short-term bookings for students of the University of Göttingen

Tuition fees provided for 35 workstations – you may book one of them with our online booking system you already use for the Learning and Study Building.
On the second floor you find a parent-child room for students, where you can change your children's nappies or nurse your children, or while you work your child may play. We can activate your student’s card for the use of this room.
An especially equipped room caters for the needs of students with restricted mobility. Please book per application.
Unused long-term carrels are additionally available on short notice as short-term carrels (01- workstation, 15-min intervals for which booking points will be deducted accordingly).

Long-term bookings for PhD students

For work on your thesis use the online booking system of our long-term carrels.

  • You may book by the week (Monday to Sunday) for up to 26 weeks for 12 months in advance
  • A room will automatically be allocated at the booking
  • It is possible to invite another doctoral candidate
  • User days will be accounted for (disregarding changes such as cancellations, shortenings) (50 % of days not used)
  • With the expiration of the reservation all usage days of this reservation will be deleted.
  • Please note that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you have not signed in four days after the start of the reservation.

Carrels for guests of the University of Göttingen

If available we gladly provide carrels. Please inquire per mail at Ms Sonnenberg (email) or Information (email).

Cultural Studies Divisional Library

We provide 24 long-term carrels (for students of the Faculty of Humanities only).

Historical Building

Mainly addressed to academics working with rare books is our provision of carrels and lockable trolleys on the second floor of the ‘Alte Drucke’ reading room.

Application for a carrel or a book trolley

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