Publishing agreements

Göttingen University has supported the principle of Open Access publications since 2005 to provide new options for accessing relevant information for researchers and students. The university has entered into agreements with a number of renowned publishing houses with the Göttingen State and University Library as intermediary, in order to offer financial as well as organisational support for its researchers with regards to Open Access publishing. These ensure low-cost and centralised cost management. The publications, which are published within the framework of this agreement, are continuously made available on the document server GoeScholar. Information from GoeScholar is continuously captured via standard interfaces by other servers (e.g. Google Scholar) and search engines (e.g. BASE), thus allowing worldwide visibility of these works.

Publishing agreements at Göttingen University

Are you a Göttingen University-affiliated scientist, and would like to publish your periodical contribution as an Open Access article?

The following list contains information about existing agreements. Publication fees are currently financed with special funding. All articles published within the scope of these agreements (with the exception of the ’Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States‘) are freely accessible and allow authors to store the publishing house version (publisher's PDF file) of their publication in GRO.publications:

There is no existing agreement with the specialist periodical of your choice?

You may find an alternative in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The directory currently lists over 12.000 Open Access periodicals, which are also grouped by specialist subjects.

You cannot find a suitable Open Access periodical?

Please enquire with your publishing house whether the periodical of your choice could be granted an Open Access option (hybrid journals).


Please let us know if your scientific text has been published as an Open Access publication outside the above-mentioned publishing agreements. Every OA article should be made available via the publication management system GRO.publications and makes the work and research results of Göttingen scientists visible.