Springer Nature

A contract based on the publish-and-read model has been concluded between the publisher Springer Nature and the Projekt DEAL. This provides for the following points, which apply to the University of Göttingen and the University Medical Center Göttingen within the framework of participation in the contract.

Time period: 2020 – 2023
PLEASE NOTE: An extension of the contract is currently under review! Please inform yourself about current publication projects at oa@sub.uni-goettingen.de.

Please note:
Not included in the DEAL agreement are the so-called
nature branded journals. The University of Göttingen does not participate in this separated contract.
Information on the respective journals can be found in the continuously updated Springer Nature journal list.

Hybrid Open Access (Springer Open Choice)

Publishing in hybrid Springer journals (column H 'Hybrid (Open Choice'): Free Open Access publishing of research articles and non-research articles is available to researchers in most of Springer Nature's subscription-based journals (hybrid open access).
However, for special medical journals, so-called Facharztzeitschriften, only the following publication types are eligible: Original Paper, Review Paper, Brief Communication.

cOAlition S with eleven EU funding agencies recognizes the 'publish and read' model of the present degree. As such, there is compatibility with PlanS.

Gold Open Access 

Publishing in genuine Gold Springer journals (column H 'Fully Open Access'): In general, a 20% discount is granted. Since not all journals are discounted, please find out the exact costs beforehand. Publishing is not free of charge for researchers.

The publication costs for 'corresponding authors' of the University of Göttingen (including the University Medical Center Göttingen) can, if necessary, be financed completely or proportionally by the publication fund for journal articles of the University of Göttingen. University funds are used for this purpose. The funding requirements with funding note are mentioned under 'Financial support by university funding'.

The publication process for authors

Check out the author-publisher page for more details. In principle, the process follows the following scheme:

  • You are 'corresponding author' at the University of Göttingen and submit your article directly to the journal. Once your article has been accepted for publication, you confirm your affiliation Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in the next step. During the submission process, the DEAL corresponding authorship should select option 1 'I accept responsibility for paying ... processing charge on this article or believe that I am covered by a Springer Nature Open Access agreement' from the three options displayed.
  • SUB Göttingen will be informed about your article and asked to confirm that the costs will be covered.
  • As soon as the payment has been approved, you will receive a confirmation by email. If the payment was rejected, you will also be informed by email.

In addition to being published by the publisher, the article will be made available and archived via GRO.publications, the publication management system of the University of Göttingen.

Updated: January 2024